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Public Health Insurance Refund

Hi everyone, hope all is well in frugalisten 🙂

I have health insurance with AOK and I have to provide them with my current monthly income. Right now my monthly income is around $$1000 but it will increase to $$4000/mo by year-end.

I'm self-employed so I contribute 14% of my monthly income. The main thing I want to understand is how do I take a refund or pay extra at end of the year? I don't have taxable income in Germany and tax is paid in the US

Scenario 1: my health insurance is more than what I have paid AOK by year end. I pay AOK the remaining balance.

Scenario 2: I paid AOK more than what I owed. How does the refund work in this scenario?

Thanks for the guidance,

Hi firenow

I do not know the answer. But you can call the AOK Bavaria service hotline for the most accurate advice:

Monday – Friday 9:00 am – 3:00 pm
English service phone number 089 228424173